As a premier Idaho public policy firm, Eiguren Merrill Public Policy provides unparalleled advice, access, advocacy and ultimately, advancement and accelerated growth. The cornerstone of our work is government engagement. For decades we have successfully served a wide array of companies and organizations helping them achieve pivotal outcomes.


On behalf of our clients, we anticipate the implications of change and adapt our strategies to manage transitions and successfully advance our clients’ goals. Our focus is both managing and optimizing change: assessing readiness and then aligning the strategy and tactics to maximize advancement of policy agendas and achievement of overall goals. We offer a comprehensive understanding of the realities facing issues of concern to our clients – through political forecasting and analysis of the full governmental atmosphere.


Government officials make decisions on a daily basis that have far-reaching consequences for any organization. Everyone has the right to be heard, and to have a strong voice in the governmental process. We are seasoned pathfinders, helping our clients navigate the terrain of federal, state, and local governments and advance their agendas in Boise, throughout the state, and beyond.

Eiguren Merrill Public Policy has decades of bipartisan experience collaborating and participating in the development and execution of effective business and public policy strategies. We work closely with clients to understand their business needs – both legislative and regulatory – and help create and implement an effective lobbying strategy through direct advocacy at the local, state, and national levels for the passage or defeat of legislation. We also draft and develop legislation that meets the needs of your organization.


Our Services

Our seasoned team specializes in all aspects of governmental affairs, including legislative and executive agency advocacy in Idaho and Washington, D.C. Whether it is a complex problem involving multiple branches of government, strictly a legislative matter, or issue advocacy beyond the halls of the capitol in Boise, our combined team experience will give your cause or interest the competitive edge.

Government Advocacy

We help our clients achieve what they need to be successful in the state of Idaho. We advocate with government decision makers, including Idaho legislators, the Governor, state and local elected officials, and key leaders with state departments, agencies, and commissions. We also lobby members of Idaho’s Congressional delegation and their staff.

Policy & Interest Representation

We monitor state and local government for modifications to statutory law, rules, and policies that may impact our clients. We engage key decison makers and their staffs and educate them on complex issues and unknown perspectives.

Purchasing & Procurement Strategies

We assist clients in developing and implementing successful strategies to sell goods and services to the Idaho state and federal governments. Relatedly, we also facilitate a positive and active presence for companies with interests within the regulatory environment.

Business Development & Market Introduction

We advise and strategize on how companies can best enter the Idaho market. We create connections and support ongoing tactics for business development.

Issue Advocacy and Consulting

• Non-legislative Lobbying • Meeting appointments and lobby-day organizing • Advising on press conferences and public statements and crisis management • Budgetary Issues • Discretionary funding for non-profits and cultural organizations • Coalition Building

Roy Eiguren has a keen understanding of the federal and state legislative and regulatory process; and he has consistently delivered outstanding results for our business.

John McCreedy Former President & CEO, The Amalgamated Sugar Company