What we do

Helping You Reach Your Desired Destination

boisesmallGovernment makes decisions on a daily basis that have far-reaching consequences for any organization. All organizations have the right to be heard, and to a strong voice in the governmental process. The team at Eiguren Ellis are seasoned pathfinders, helping our clients navigate the terrain of Idaho state government and advance their agendas.

Representing clients before the Idaho Legislature as well as the Executive branches of government and the U.S. Congress, our dedicated team has decades of bipartisan experience collaborating and participating in the development and execution of effective business and public policy strategies on behalf of US and non-US Fortune 100-500 companies. We work closely with clients to understand their business needs – both legislative and regulatory, and help create and implement an effective lobbying strategy.

We are proud of our work ethic, professionalism and record of repeated successes on behalf of our clients. If you need professional representation with government, we would welcome the opportunity to help.

On your behalf, we deliver the following services:
  • State legislative advocacy: Direct advocacy with government decision makers, including lobbying the Idaho Legislature, Governor, departments and agencies of state government
  • Federal legislative advocacy: Direct advocacy with members of Idaho's Congressional Delegation
  • Purchasing procurement strategies: Assist clients in developing and implementing successful strategies to sell goods and services to government
  • Business development: Assist clients with new market entry into Idaho or economic expansion. Draw on our statewide network of business relationships to create strategic partnerships that foster economic gains
  • Strategic Communications: Support clients in the formation and coordination of professional teams (such as media and other consultants) to advance business objectives.